Cucumber Chicken Sushi

There are many sushi lovers out there, but there are also a large number of people not comfortable with eating raw fish.    This sushi variation brings cooked and shredded chicken into the mix, and enveloping it in crisp cucumber.   The final result is as beautiful to look at as it is tasty.  A fantastic option when you need to serve up a unique party appetizer!


1 cucumber
1 chicken breast, shredded and cooked
1 orange, in slices cut in half
4 oz cream cheese
1/2 avocado
2 tbsp dried ginger
1 tbsp fresh mint
Garnish: sour cream and chives

Using peeler, peel large slices of cucumber. Cut cream cheese and avocado into small skinny 1″ pieces. Lay peel of cucumber onto clean surface, and on one end lay cream cheese piece, avocado, orange, a large pinch of chicken, and a very small pinch of ginger and mint. Carefully roll all ingredients in tight. Secure with toothpick and set upright. Continue until you have made desired amount of rolls. Finish with a tiny dallop of sour cream and chives. Enjoy!