How To Make High Protein Energy Bars

30g almonds, 80g pumpkin seeds, 15g Goji Berries, 60g sunflower seeds, 40g dried cranberries, 30g puffed quinoa, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 1 pinch of salt, 200g honey

These bars not only taste awesome, but on top of that they are prepared quickly. And deliver a nice load of energy 🙂
You can use any nuts, fruits or what else you have at home! 🙂

Give the honey in a pan and heat it up … till little bubbles appear …
Take the pan off the heat and return it to your surface.
Make sure to use a coaster that you do not burn the surface.

Mix all dry ingredients well together.
Then you add these to the hot honey and mix them well together.

Now you need either a form of bar or simply a rectangular baking pan.
Spread the mass good in it and put it for 20 minutes in your refrigerator.
Until the honey hardened.

Remove from the mold and if you used a baking pan, cut with a knife into bite-sized portions! 🙂
Tastes great and are a perfect snack for in between!