Nutella Nut Ring Recipe

1 pkg of puff pastry, 5 tbsp Nutella, 2 tbsp grated hazelnuts, 1 egg, some powdered sugar

Roll out the dough…
Cut it lenghtwise every 4cm to the middle… So that you have several strips of dough.

On the other, not cut-in side, you smear the Nutella along the edge.
The chopped hazelnuts come on the Nutella.

Roll the dough up to the half. So that Nutella and nuts are wrapped in dough.
The dough strips are folded in and the dough is rolled up.

The two dough ends are gathered together and slightly pressed together.

Spread with some egg wash and place it in the oven at 200°C/390°F for 20 minutes.

Get it out and sprinkle with some powdered sugar…


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