Cheese Fondue With Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos

If you’re looking for that snack or appetizer that the family won’t soon forget, try this out!  A combination of indulgent cheese, bread and bacon, you get just the right kick by throwing jalapenos in the mix.   Full of flavor and simple to throw together in minutes.


Loaf of bread
8oz gruyere cheese
10 bacon strips
3 Jalapeños
1/2 cup cream cheese

Cut top off of bread and hollow insides. Place block of gruyere cheese in the bread hole. Wrap bread in aluminum foil and heat in preheated oven at 400º for 30 minutes.

Cut open jalapeños and discard seeds. Fill with cream cheese. Wrap with bacon using toothpicks to hold in place. Heat in oven at 400º for 30 minutes, until bacon is desired likeness. Take bread out of oven and dip bacon wrapped jalapeños into the cheese and enjoy!

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