Kicked Up Tuna Casserole

Everyone is familiar with tuna salad.  Chances are, you grew up eating maybe a couple variations of it.  It’s a great and healthy go-to recipe, especially at lunch time.   But what you might not have known was that you can kick up a notch and trade in that ordinary bland version for one that’s much more intense!   Using a muffin pan, you can create perfectly spicy single servings of tuna casserole that you won’t mind diving into!


3 cups brown rice
2 tbsp butter
2 cups white tuna
1/4 buffalo sauce
To garnish:
Red pepper
Sesame seeds

Cook rice according to package adding a little more water so rice is a bit sticky. Add butter to cooked rice and stir. Drain can of tuna and mix 2 cups with buffalo sauce (to taste). Grease muffin pan and add rice on bottom. Fill middle with tuna mixture and close off top with remaining rice. Use cutting board or cookie sheet to place on top of muffin pan and flip over. Remove each one and garnish with cucumber or other vegetables to add color. Enjoy!

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