Orange Potato Chip Burger

Most people love a good cheeseburger, but did you know you can trim your patty in more ways than you thought possible?  Why limit yourself to cheese and ketchup when you could have a flavor explosion by simply experimenting with different toppings?  In this recipe, try combining the sharpness of cheese with a little bit of fruity marmalade and the crunch of cornflakes.  You won’t believe how good this is until you taste it yourself!


2 TBSP olive oil
3/4 c spinach
1/8 c red pepper
1/8 c onion
8 oz ground beef
1/4 c sour cream and onion ruffles, crushed
1/4 c Italian dressing
2 – 1″ slices sesame seed toasted bread (or other artisan bread)
1/4 c parmasean cheese
3 large pieces havarti dill cheese
2 TBSP orange marmalade
1/8 c cucumber, sliced in strips
1 TBSP green onion
pomegranate seeds

In small pan over medium heat, sauté spinach, red pepper and onion in 2 TBSP olive oil. In one small plate, place crushed chips. In another small plate, pour 1/4 c Italian dressing. With 3-4 oz of ground beef, (depending on desired size) make a round patty in your hands. Then dip in italian dressing, then into chips. Repeat for remaining meat. In same pan over medium low heat, cook patties til golden brown and desired internal doneness (rare, medium, well). On plate, place toasted bread. Place, in the following order, half the spinach mixture onto toast, then half the parmasean, burger, havarti cheese, orange marmalade, cucumber, green onion, and finally pomegranate seeds. Enjoy the delish flavors and textures in your mouth!

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